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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transformational Kinesiology?

Transformational Kinesiology is a form of applied kinesiology that taps into your bodyʻs intuitive wisdom to heal itself. Muscle testing and binary (yes/no) questions are used to access information that might not be on your conscious mind but which are stored in your subconscious and physical or energetic body. Clients will gain deep insights that expand their self awareness. Energy clearing at the beginning and end of each session ensures that clients feel grounded and integrated. This modality works on a holistic level, including different levels of the mind, the soul, and the emotional and physical bodies, making it ideal to process trauma. In the case of chronic health or relationship issues that continue to resurface, Transformational Kinesiology will access the root cause to clear longstanding blocks to good health. In each session we do a balance unique to your needs in the moment to release whatever is limiting you or blocking you from a goal. 

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing is a form of energy work. Just like acupuncture, you rest while receiving the treatment and might notice subtle shifts, perhaps in your physical body, but also in shifting mental or emotional patterns. 

Do you take insurance?

Sorry, Trailblazers Anonymous offers holistic wellness services but does not take medical or other kinds of insurance.



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